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Key Research Findings on Breast Cancer

When you try to read more about the number of women that have been dying from cancer you will find that the number has decreased. The number of women that are dying from breast cancer has been decreased since more women are aware, there is early detection and also the different screening methods have been improved. When you read more you will find that there have also been some researches and advancement that have been there and this has also been a great impact. Here are the breast cancer research breakthroughs that are essential.

Breast cancer drug indeed can boost survival rates in younger women. If you are a young woman with estrogen receptor-positive you have to know that the drug will boost your survival rate. You have to know that the drug will be able to promote cancer cell and the reason for this is that it will inhibit the enzymes that promote cancer cells. If you are young with breast cancer you have to consider using the drug since the drug will boost your performance.

The other useful research that has been done on breast cancer is that new therapists to prevent recurrent ER-positive. ER-positive breast cancer is the very common one and also the one that can be treated easily hence, you can read more on that. If the ER-positive breast cancer come back you will find that it will be hard to use the same therapy that had been used. The good thing is that there have been an improvement in the survival of women with this kind of breast cancer.

We have the triple-negative breast cancer and the good thing is that there are potential new drugs. When you read more you will find that the triple-negative cancers can only be treated using the chemotherapy meaning, hormone therapy or target therapy cannot be used. If you are among the patients with this kind of breast cancer you have to know that there is some good news since there are new potential targets for drug therapist. Therefore, the researchers are still trying to find more about the drugs that are based on those targets.

According to the researches that have been conducted, more women are encouraged to test for gene breast cancer. We have what we refer to as the gene breast cancer of which this can be passed from one person to the other and that is why more women have to go and test. If there is anyone in your family that had cancer it will be good to test for the gene cancer since this will increase the chances of breast or some other type of cancer. In summation, there have been so much research that has been made related to cancer of which it will be good to read more about them.